Our Programs


Informed by our three integral objectives, our programs are tailored to the needs of Africans in order to determine and improve upon their own health.  The following are just some of our numerous programs cultivated to educate and empower a healthier population.

Objective One: Empowering Frontline Health Workers

Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care Training: Pioneer program for midwives to combat mortality and morbidity of woman and child during birthing process.  This evidence-based program teaches vital skills for situations of eclampsia, postpartum bleeding, shoulder dystocia, sepsis, neonatal resuscitation and breaching; in order to combat the mortality and morbidity for women in the childbirth process.

Baby Friendly Initiative: Accredited program for healthcare workers to educate new and expectant mothers on hygienic best practice relative to early infant nutrition in alignment with our Antenatal Education Classes.


Objective Two: Continuum of Care and Counsel

 Alaafia Universal Health Coverage Fund: Funding of health insurance premiums for 5000 Nigerians annually, and growing.  Beneficiaries of this scheme are drawn from any or many of the following health categories: pregnant women, infants and children beneath the age of five, the elderly, adolescent girls, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

MamaCare Antenatal Education Classes: Educating expectant parents on the birthing process, prenatal nutrition, attending to the many needs of an infant, as well as providing a community space for new mothers to combat the risk of mental health and mood disorders.

Objective Three: Gender Equality
Health Sciences and Midwifery Apprenticeship through STEM

To combat lack of accessibility of education and vocational skills training to young girls, this accredited introductory program for students aged thirteen through sixteen provide bridging qualifications towards health sciences and midwifery careers.